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      Warm Candle Massage (4 Hand)

      A warm aromatic candle massage is the ideal way to beat stress, calm your nerves and balance your mind. It is a great way to relieve you from stress and sleeplessness, fatigue and exhaustion. It is deeply relaxing and leaves you with a sense of complete wellbeing.

      Massage Candles are an excellent way to nourish, exfoliate and encourage skin cell regeneration. It is a gentle exfoliate perfect for encouraging cell renewal and adding that youthful glow.Candle therapy unites the powers of mind, body, and spirit.

      Massage candles have healing and soothing properties. Its offer anti-ageing properties and health benefits for the skin. The aroma uplifts the mood making one feel very content and calm. The treatment soothes and nourishes your senses; leaving you feeling refreshed, invigorated and it leaves your hands and feet truly soft.